Brochures of the Swiss Museums Association (VMS/AMS) on provenance research

Provenance research in museums II
Collections linked to colonial contexts. Basic notions ans introduction to practice

The brochure was written by a group of authors and coordinated by Dr Claire Brizon. The brochure presents the current state of provenance research in Switzerland for collections from colonial contexts. It indicates which objects should be given priority for provenance research. It also provides information on the sources to be consulted and the contacts and networks to be involved.

Download the brochure in PDF format. 
(available in French, German and Italian)

Provenance research in museums I
Looted art during the period of National Socialism. Basics and practical introduction

This brochure, written by Dr. Carolin Lange and Dr. Thomas Schmutz, is intended to help raise awareness and to serve as a guide for small and medium-sized museums that do not yet have practical experience in this field. It briefly and succinctly presents the principles and essential questions on how to deal with Nazi-looted artworks.

Download the brochure in PDF format (available in French, German, and Italian).