Patricia Simon holds a Bachelor’s degree in Art History and Social Anthropology and a Master of Arts in Art History with special qualification in Curatorial Studies and Museology. She gained her first professional experience during her studies in various institutions such as galleries and auction houses. In 2018, she did an internship at the Zentrum Paul Klee with a focus on archives and provenance research. After graduating in 2019, she was a research assistant in the Exotic? project at the University of Bern under the direction of Prof. Noémie Etienne. In addition, she has been a doctoral candidate and study coordinator at the Institute of Art History at the University of Bern since 2019. Her research focuses on the history of non-European collections and the research on the origins of colonial cultural objetcts. 

In provenance research, she particularly appreciates the archival research and the exploration of the different histories of the collections as well as the work with the objects.

She has been working as a research assistant at Lange & Schmutz since March 2023.

E-mail: simon[at]